Recovering Your Intuitive Voice for Art + Life

This blog is designed to help you recover that important connection to the Intuitive Voice, first in understanding what it truly is and how unique it is to each one of us, the fingerprint of our very own soul.

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Subscribers will learn to reconnect to that inner dialogue in a holistic process that serves our mind, body, and spirit; identifying the voice of intuition as our guide and that of the critic which tries to block us from living the deeper, more meaningful life for which we yearn.

Subscribers who choose to join the membership community will begin receiving exclusive content daily through May 28th to coincide with the global 100 day art project.

Approximately every third day for that 100 days, you’ll receive a prerecorded art lesson from one of my workshops. In between those prerecorded lesson days, you’ll receive a journal prompt, quote, or an additional prerecorded lesson.

After the 100 day project, recorded lessons and exclusive content will be delivered once weekly.

For more about the community and what we’ll be doing in those first 100 days, go here.

Once a month we gather live on ZOOM to share our work or insights, ask questions, and just generally hangout in a community of creative people seeking that deeper connection.

Aside from the opportunity to connect through those live zoom meetings, we stay connected through weekly chat threads and the comments section under each post.

Discovering Your Intuitive Voice Workshop

Start your understanding of the Intuitive Voice with the first workshop I taught live online, Discovering Your Intuitive Voice, now edited to a free series of short, easy to follow video lessons here on the blog.

Hi I’m Crystal Marie!

Artist, Writer, Speaker, Intuitive, Way Pointer

I’m not here to teach you to make art. I’m here to teach you to use your voice! My passion in teaching comes from discovering that my intuitive voice is simply the core, most authentic expression, of my own dang voice. Learning to tune in to listen to it has led me to create art, and a life, that is beyond what I ever believed possible.

Here’s a bit more about my life as an artist:

Crystal Marie is an artist and an author with a passion for teaching others how to recover their own unique voice. Her process is intuitive, which, she says, is simply the truest, most authentic version of her own voice.

Following her intuitive knowing has been the foundation of Crystal’s career as an artist, when in her 30s a happenstance encounter with a stranger handing her an art magazine was all it took to awaken that long forgotten place inside.

Today Crystal has an established career as a professional artist with gallery representation, one book published on the art of collage, and is currently writing a book about the intuitive voice. Crystal has exhibited her work in many fine art exhibitions, solo shows, and events. She teaches workshops on her website Canary Rising and locations across the US.

I’m so glad you’ve decided to join us at the virtual table!

Crystal Marie

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A series of conversations and art exercises by Crystal Marie, designed to help you understand and recover the important connection to your Intuitive Voice. Simply put, your core, most authentic self, as unique to each of us as our thumbprint!


ARTIST, WRITER, MENTOR I’m not here to teach you to make art. I’m here to teach you to use your voice! My passion in teaching comes from discovering that my intuitive voice is simply the core, most authentic expression of my own dang voice.